General Faqs

Registration can be done in a simple process.

Step 1: Please visit EPDA website and click "Register" on the home page and follow the process.
Step 2: A pre-registration number will be generated.
Step 3: SMS will be sent by EPDA confirming the registration day.
Step 4: As per the SMS received by EPDA, visit the training center to complete the registration process and make the payment.

The fee differs for different driving courses. Please visit EPDA website for comprehensive fee details. ​

The candidate must be 18 years or older, as per Hijri calendar

* Saudi citizen: A photocopy of valid national ID card

* Non-Saudi citizen: A photocopy of valid Iqama card

* Medical Certificate (facility available at GDC)

Eastern Province Driving Academy is an independent school and the registration process is based on the criteria set by KSA traffic department. Files cannot be transferred from others school at the moment.

Customers who have driving license from other country can directly go to KSA traffic department and get their license exchanged to KSA driving license.

Step 1: Register online
Step 2: Upon receiving the SMS, visit EPDA to submit documents and make the payment
Step 3: Attend lectures
Step 4: Pass the Theory test
Note: It is mandatory to clear the Theory test to proceed to the next step.
5. Attend simulator training
6. Attend Practical training
7. Pass Road test
Note: If you fail, you will have to rebook for re-test, pay & attend the 4 hours of mandatory refreshment training classes. You must repeat the process until you clear the road test
8. Collect passing certificate
9. Visit traffic department to get your KSA driving license issued

Lectures are currently held at the EPDA premises.
The commencement of the lecture and training period is subject to waiting period.
Yes, but depending on the availability of the instructor, she will be assigned to you.
You will have to inform the school a day in advance, should you wish to cancel your class.
A passing certificate/notification will be issued by the school upon successful commencement of the training and road test. Customer will have to take the passing certificate to the traffic department to get the license issued.